System Thinking & Theory of Change

capital H uses a System thinking approach and the different steps of the Theory of change: creating a roadmap that outlines the steps by which you plan to achieve your goal. It helps you define whether your work is contributing towards achieving the impact you envision, and if there is another way that you need to consider as well. The Theory of Change tool not only helps to clearly articulate and connect your work to your bigger goal, it also allows you to spot potential risks in your plan by sharing the underlying assumptions in each step. In large organisations, when there may be several projects running simultaneously, the Theory of Change helps to map these different projects first and then consider how they link and relate to each other.

1. design the transition framework and programme with local stakeholders and staff

Together we build on the state of play in your current innovation ecosystem. Capital H will plot your existing activities, achievements and ambitions in the full transition and innovation framework. Together we can spot the gaps and deficiencies. We design and co-create the next steps with you, your staff & colleagues and your existing and future stakeholders.

2. envision the desired future and develop the road to get there

Capital H will assist you and your stakeholders to envision a desired future. Based on that future we will develop a roadmap to get there with a multiannual action plan on collaboration, funding, events, matchmaking and capacity building. Based on our strong national and international network we will connect with relevant opportunities.


Creative thinking, Lean and Agile & Backcasting

When design principles and Lean & agile methods are applied to strategy and innovation processes, the success rate for innovation dramatically improves. The design thinking cycle involves observation to discover unmet needs within the context and constraints of a particular situation, framing the opportunity and scope of innovation, generating creative ideas, testing and refining solutions with stakeholders. In back-casting, foresight participants propose a future event or situation and then work backward to construct a plausible causal chain leading from here to there.

3. build local capacity and the network to implement a sustainable transition ecosystem

Capital H will assist you in building a strong basis of your local staff. They will work together in a local network with the relevant stakeholders. We trace persons and organisations that want to become active partners in a vibrant and competitive ecosystem. We help implement proven tools and hubs for start-ups and scale-ups and supporting entrepreneurial activities to make your innovation ecosystem exciting and successful!


Triple Helix

Innovation works best within a knowledge and innovation community. These communities bring together businesses (large corporates and SMEs, including start-ups), research centres and higher education institutions as partners, creating a favourable environment for creative thought and innovation to flourish, allowing innovative products and services to be developed in every area imaginable, new companies to be started or accelerated; and a new generation of entrepreneurs to be trained.

4. deliver a tailor made capacity building programme

Capital H team has an international track record in capacity building of professionals in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship for transitions. In close collaboration we will develop and implement a tailor made capacity building programme with courses, coaching and master classes for your setting.


Innovation Ecosystem

To enable innovation to happen an ecosystem of supporting environments is needed. For each stage of the innovation process a different setting can be distinguished:

Challenge Hub: define the challenges your facing as an organisation and/or society

Design Hub: a creative environment where you can think outside the box to come up with solutions

Validation Hub: validate and experiment with different business models and search for customers

Demo Hub: showcase your solutions in a 'living lab' to demonstrate the value

Scale Hub: implement your solution on a wide scale