Willemijn Brouwer

Creativity Expert



"Willemijn’s approach is refreshing. She is capable to translate wishes in creative ideas and possibilities. Her enthusiasm is catching and gets people moving."

Linda Hoskam, ICT in education policy advisor, Politieacademie

I am educated as a Strategic Product Designer. The creative part of a design process has always had my greatest interest: How do people get ideas? How do people solve problems?

Over the past decade I have been facilitating creative processes and training people in creative thinking. A year ago I started a massive project of restructuring the science on creativity to make it more applicable for practice. I am creating criteria and methods to ‘get creative and solve problems’. The criteria and methods I develop are directly applied in practice.

The little Ms. Universe in me wants Worldpeace and wants to Save the Planet. I made it my mission to create great problem solvers, get people to fulfill their creative potential, so they are equipped to tackle the challenges we face today.