Josine Schmitz

Project ManagerĀ

The ocean, beach and surfing are my passion. Thanks to my perseverance and drive for perfection I have reached the top 20 of the windsurfing world ranking. These qualities help me also in the workplace; I can get things done and strive for high quality deliverables. Recently I decided to become a part-time surf instructor and I have discovered that I love teaching about my passion and things I find important. I don't like fuzziness, I continue to ask questions until the problem is unravelled. The Master Programme Strategic Product Design at the TUDelft has formed me into an overall solution creator, incorporating as many needs as possible from all the stakeholders and leading to a product or service that people love to use. Because of my love for nature, I want to use all I have learned preferably for projects that lead to preservation or even better, improvement of the beautiful world around us.