capital H supports you to become frontrunner in societal transitions

capital H

capital H inspires, empowers and connects people to become frontrunners in the workplace that will guide us through societal transitions.

We build this new type of human capital by offering strategic concepts, training & coaching.

We support and facilitate individuals, teams, organisations and networks to become innovative and entrepreneurial transition leaders. You will develop the knowledge, skills and attitude you need to move forward to solve societal challenges.

Our 4-step system approach


design the transition framework and programme with local stakeholders and staff;


envision the desired future and develop the road to get there;


build local capacity and the network to implement a sustainable transition ecosystem;


deliver a tailor made capacity building programme.

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capital H has through its partners and clients access to a European network of dynamic companies, Start-ups, SME's, the best academic institutions and the public sector.

Our motivation

Society is changing at an enormous pace. Many people have a feeling of uncertainty for the future. Climate change, terrorism threats, a fragile global financial system, new digital technologies and demographic shifts are structurally changing the way we look ahead to the upcoming centuries. We are not talking about a shift to a new era. No, we are confronted with a society that is in a permanent situation of transition. Once we tackle one challenge the next major change has already started. This state of permanent transition is not only affecting the personal lives of people but has also major influence on the economy and our work environment. Businesses and organizations need to adapt to societal challenges to ensure financial and market driven sustainability.


Humans are evolutionary creatures that are able to adapt to environmental changes. However, the pace in which changes are currently taking place is exceedingly challenging the adaptive capacity of human beings. Therefor a ‘new’ type of human capacity needs to be developed. People that are able to adapt very quickly and can be placed in a diversity of roles. A specie that is creative, flexible and entrepreneurial, and not afraid of an ever-changing ecosystem, a person who knows how to work together with a diversity of disciplines to tackle challenges.